paso west suburban action project : proyecto de accion de los suburbios del oeste

2001 Janice Ave.
Melrose Park, IL 60160

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    Fighting For Our Rights, For Our Families
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    Taking Action Through our Faith and Values
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    Tomando Acción por Nuestros Valores y Fe
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    Youth Empowerment and Leadership
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    Luchando por Nuestros Derechos,por Nuestras Familias
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    Fortaleciendo a la Juventud- Lideres de Hoy y Manana

PASO – West Suburban Action Project

is a community-based social justice organization that works to engage community members to act through their faith and values to address issues that affect them, their families, and neighbors with the mission to build stronger communities where all residents can live dignified lives regardless of their race, socioeconomic or immigration status.

PASO – Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste

es una organización comunitaria con el propósito de luchar por la justicia social en nuestras comunidades. Nuestra misión es involucrar a miembros de la comunidad a que actúen por medio de su fe y sus valores para hacer frente a los asuntos que les afectan, y así lograr cambios positivos en nuestra comunidad. Nuestra visión es construir, de manera colectiva, comunidades fuertes donde todos los residentes puedan tener acceso a una vida digna sin importar su raza, estatus migratorio o nivel socioeconómico.

May 13 2015

ACTION ALERT: Support HB3528, Equal Opportunity for State Financial Aid at Public Institutions

PASO youth in Springfield

HB3528, a proposed legislation that would allow our public universities the flexibility to allocate their financial aid to all Illinois residents, including undocumented students, will be taken to a vote in the IL House tomorrow or Friday. Take action today, by taking 3 minutes, you can help ensure undocumented students also have an opportunity to a college education. 

In the past months, P.A.S.O. has been working with a coalition of students, University administrators and other community and state-wide organizations in support of HB3528, a bill introduced by Rep. Lisa Hernandez. This piece of legislation would ensure that all residents of Illinois have equal opportunity to apply for state financial aid, and would allow undocumented students in our public universities to receive state financial aid.

Currently, undocumented students are excluded from receiving federal or state financial aid. You have an opportunity to change this! HB3528 would give our colleges the flexibility to allocate their financial aid to all Illinois residents, including undocumented students who are already excelling and striving to obtain a college education.

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Oct 21 2014

SOLD OUT! Annual Dinner- 5th Anniversary Celebration: “Our Families, Our Future”

Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste / West Suburban Action Proyect

Proudly invites you to join us at our 5th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
“Our Families, Our Future”

Logo- 2014 Dinner

We invite you to join us at P.A.S.O.’s “Our Families, Our Future” Annual Dinner on Saturday , November 8th at 6pm as we commemorate our 5th anniversary and celebrate the  work and victories of P.A.S.O. members that have made an impact locally and statewide in the lives of thousands of community members while building a powerful immigrant voice in the Suburbs. 

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Aug 22 2014

Join us for P.A.S.O.’s Open House and Visit Our New Offices!

Open House Flyer (Eng)

Join us to celebrate the expansion of our offices, learn about P.A.S.O.’s impact in the West Cook Suburbs, and meet our team as we launch the celebration towards our 5th year anniversary!

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P.A.S.O. Facebook Feed

P.A.S.O. will be closed today, Wend July 1st, in solidarity with Walk Out actions taking place across the state, as a symbol of the impact the budget cuts will have to thousands of families with the suspension of vital programs. The lack of courage and leadership by elected officials in Springfield is having serious consequences to working class, low income and poor families, children and single parents! Don't stay quiet, join the movement for a just and equitable budget that respects people! #ILWalkOut #Weareessential #progressiverevenue ...

July 1st, 10:21 am

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P.A.S.O. estara cerrado hoy Miercoles, 1ero de Julio en solidaridad con la accion que se lleva acabo en todo el Estado, cerrando oficinas, como simbolo del impacto que tendran los recortes a miles de familias con la suspencion de programas. Estos programas son esenciales para el bienestar de familias y Illinois. Regresamos manana a horario regular. Unete a esta lucha, levanta tu voz! #ILWalkOut #Weareessential #progressiverevenue ...

July 1st, 10:01 am

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